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Earl's Home Warranty Plan

Earl's Home Warranty plan is a home service plan that helps cover your home's major systems and appliances. Coverage is provided for the systems and appliances in your home which might initially have been covered by a manufacturer's or builder's warranty, but are no longer covered. While Home Owner's insurance covers many systems and appliances in the event of a disaster (tornado, fire, etc), the Earl's Home Warranty Plan will help cover repairs or replacements of many home system components and appliances in the event of malfunctions or breakdowns due to normal wear and tear.


Earl's Home Warranty Plan has two package options, so you can choose what is best for you! Our Basic Coverage Package is $599 and our Premium Coverage Package is $799. At Earl's we believe that part of Quality and Integrity is giving our customers options plainly and clearly. We let you choose the option that works best for you and your family.

How do I know if Earl's Home Warranty Plan is right for my family?

Great question - and one of the most important questions you could ask. Here are situations when we think it is a good fit:


  1. You have appliances and/or home systems that are no longer covered under manufacturer's warranty.

  2. You do not know plumbers, heating and air technicians, electricians, appliance repairmen, etc.

  3. You would enjoy cash flow protection on the unexpected expenses of home ownership.

  4. You don't have time to screen and/or follow up with contractors and other professionals.

  5. You would enjoy the ease of knowing one call with a nominal fee would fix most of your issues.

  6. You are selling your house, and would like the sale to be more attractive to a potential buyer.

  7. You are selling your house, and would like to reduce your "After Sale Worries". 

  8. You do not have the time, patience, or knowledge for "Do It Yourself" projects and repairs.

  9. You are buying a home for the first time, that isn't covered under builder's or manufacturer's warranties.

  10. Your house five years old, or older.

  11. Your home is in Lubbock County.

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