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Residential Plumbing Service


While we strive to excel in every aspect of our business, plumbing is where Earl's got it's start. So you could say it's kind of our specialty. With multiple plumbers on staff with 20+ years of experience, we can handle just about anything.  Contact us today for a estimate on anything from new fixtures to a new water heater!

Kitec: What We Can Do For You


​Kitec is, in short, a type of plumbing pipe that was commonly used to replace copper lines and fittings from 1990-2007 or so. Unfortunately, it started to exhibit a much higher than average failure rate, and has become recognized as a significant issue in recent years. If you've been in the process or purchasing or selling a home recently, you've probably heard about it, or even found it in a property. 

While the core problem lies with the deteriorating fittings, the only sure way to completely solve the issue is a repipe. Using our expertise, it's possible to handle this without having to leave your home or even shut all the water off. And with our Home Renovation team, when we do have to go through a wall for a repipe, they'll repair everything with a seamless match to your existing paint colors and wall texture. 

It's not your fault if kitec is found, so we aim to make the process as quick and painless as possible. We offer free estimates for Kitec Repipes if you believe it might be found in your home. Feel free to contact us with any other questions or to schedule an appointment!

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